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Shinyei Corporation of America(SCA) is a manufacturer of multiple type of sensors and an authorized distributor for other high quality sensors and test instruments.
We provide best service including fast delivery, professional sales support and onsite maintenance.

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Particle Sensor Our existing particle sensing products have been used in consumer air purifiers for many years, our new sensors can be used in both home and industrial applications.

Humidity Sensor Our products have been marketed worldwide to meet various application such as HVAC, Automotive, Household Appliances and industrial application.

Handheld Odor Detector Indicates two factors for odor, "Strength" and "Classification" for various applications relating to odor detection and measurement.

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Find the right solutions for you

Test Equipment

Optex FA Developing Vision sensors, Displacement sensors and Photoelectric sensors as its main product line used in Car, Electronic/Semiconductor, Foods, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Logistics, Transportation industries.

Anritsu Meter Anritsu is a leader in temperature measurement techniques in all types of industry. Thousands of thermocouple probes and supported thermometers must meet your special needs.

NoiseKen Various types of immunity test equipment conforming to IEC 61000-4 series standards, other international standards or even customer's in-house test standards.

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